colour, shape, light

There are three different approaches to the subject of "Twilight Worlds" - neuroscientific, depth psychological and spiritual. In his exhibitions, the artists allows the viewer the freedom to find his/her individual approach to the topic.

Axel Neumann wants to restore one of the visual arts oldest tasks: to invite the viewer to contemplation and to bring it into contact with the spiritual part of himself. His motifs allow the viewer all freedom. He makes gnostic art.

His paintings are very attentively and heartfelt regarded and accepted by different people for different reasons. It does not often happen that the observers stand literally lost in thought and happy in front of visual art, with shining eyes and an almost ensouled facial expression. This is regularly observed in his exhibitions. Some may attract the light, the others the colourfulness, one the almost cathedral-like whole, the others the refinement and meticulousness of the paintings in detail.

Axel Neumann’s exhibitions are magical mediation spaces. The focus is on the effect of the motifs. He stages his paintings with light, music and a computer animation. This way, the colorful works of art can unfold their full intensity. The mystical light and music design creates space for inner images. The hall breathes pure aesthetics.

The exhibition includes a full-length stage program. In a rousing performance Axel Neumann makes the origin of his art tangible first-hand.

The pictures were taken on his solo show from 8 to 29 July 2917 in the WORMSER. The city of Worms presented 74 of his works on 800 sq – 4 of them large-scale.

From the guest book:

"It makes speechless. Such an impact and energy. Man!"

"I haven’t seen something so beautiful, emotional, profound in my 70-years long life by now. Very, very impressive. Simply gorgeous …”

"….when entering the hall the artworks hit me directly into my heart!“
"A tremendous work of art and very beautiful." (Felix D., 12)

"… fascinating art without example!"
"A magnificent implementation of inner feelings with an extraordinary technique!"
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Axel Neumann is a crossover artist, exploring the possibilities in acting as well as in painting. In painting, he leaves limits behind, as he expels the rule how acrylic paint works to the realm of physical heresy. He is the master who masters the medium, and not the opposite. He generates magic not only by overpowering the technique, but also by creating his art ... and the images themselves.
Beate Lemcke, art historian, Berlin