Kunst auf Glas von Axel Neumann Kunst auf Glas von Axel Neumann
Tagsüber sieht man die Kunst von innen, sobald es dunkel wird, werden bei entsprechender Beleuchtung die Motive von außen sichtbar

Modern architecture uses a lot of glass. In fact, it pours a lot of light into our life, but also has some disadvantages. Sometimes, one would like to have more privacy or the sun heats up the rooms to much or one simply misses the walls that can be embellished with art. There are many possibilities to use our art on glass.

  • Is used as a representative eye-catcher for office buildings, restaurants, bars and hotels.
  • Offers more privacy for glass-offices.
  • Transforms room-dividers made of glass into architectural gems.
  • Enriches window facades in penthouses or winter gardens.
  • Serves as a creative camouflage for the ground floor.
  • Is used as an attraction for retail stores.
  • Serves as a creative design elements in gardens.
  • Embellishes individual kitchen back walls, porches, glass inserts in doors or cupboards, etc.