I love those who yearn the impossible.

Background Story
The most frequent question that we are asked is: "How has this been painted?"

The artworks meticulous precision amazes. The larger the formats, the more complex the motifs are. Above all when one knows that this special fountain pen technique does not allow any corrections. One wrong stroke can ruin the painting. To work precisely at the first try, Axel should exactly know before starting to paint what the painting will finally look like.

As a matter of fact, Axel sees his art through his inner eye, and “simply” copies it from his mind. Hence, there is nothing improvised in his art.

But where do these motifs come from? They have always been there, the artist says. He just needed a special experience of the mind to re-perceive them. This occurred about 25 years ago, when he locked himself in his completely darkened flat for three weeks.

This intensive kind of introspection or meditation was a regular practice in the antiquity. People used this technique to find answers to important, vital issues or to cure severe diseases. They called it incubation or „temple sleep“. At that time, people interpreted the ideas, visions and feelings which were evoked by the deep immersion into their own subconsciousness as the conversation with the gods.

Click here to read what Yulia Ustinova, archaeologist and expert for alternate states of consciousness in the ancient Greek culture from the university of Negev, states about Axels art.

Who would paint with ink and a fountain pen? There might be one or two illustrators who do that. But to abandon ink for acrylic paint is a genius idea, the result of which we can do nothing but admire.
This is how the journalist H.P. Lichtwald described the pioneering achievement of fountain pen painting.

Fountain pen painting are created with a fountain pen and acrylic paint. Axel was not aware of what might be so spectacular about this tool combination. Not till experts did not believe him, he realized that he succeeded to expand the limits of the possible. According to research, even today he is the only artist in the world using this tool combination.

A collector described fountain pen paintings as “portraits of living creatures". This was a description we liked a lot. It isn’t easy to describe the motifs delicate dynamics. Maybe they could be referred to as imaginative colour compositions full of unusually soft colour gradients? But to be honest, does it really matter what kind of motifs they are? The only important factor is what YOU see in them. You are the true protagonist of Axels art, since your imagination brings his motifs to life.

In the following TV report, he enlarges on what he experienced when he locked himself in his flat and how it changed his life (unfortunately the video is only in German – sorry for that).

This feature is a live recording of the German TV station NDR. It was broadcasted in August 2012 in preparation of an art show, which his lovely fellow actress Cosma Shiva Hagen – the daughter of the singer Nina Hagen – organized for him.
Length: approx. 16 Minutes