Modern "stained-glass-windows" for your private home

Please note: displayed colors can differ from reality due to individual screen settings
The painting is luminous. It contacts me directly and touch my deepest inside. I am very grateful.
Christine G., Hamburg, collector

For us art must be beautiful. Why should you enjoy it in your normal days.

Glass is an ideal carrier for Axel’s understanding of art. The translucent light lead astray the colors much more intensive. The shining light carries the colours into the room and perform the room with the stylish ambiente like an art deco villa or the representation halls of old patrician houses. This is magic of the very best.

We would be happy if you can transform the majestic effect of coloured glass also into your life. This is why we would like to introduce some of our motives on glass.

You will be enabled to emoble all of the glass elements with our art – indoor and outdoor. The mounting is easy – no need of changing the construction, also possible in rented object, please let your fantasy play.

Our carefully chosen colour combinations will lead to a positive and spiritual energy. There are no limits for your ideas – please talk to us.